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train it in the survival area. train in stark mountain if u can find it but be careful and pack ur potions.

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Q: Where to train a lvl50 in Pokemon diamond?
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Where should you train your Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

Stark Mountain

Pokemon diamond how to level up your Pokemon to level 100?

Train your pokemon.

Is thre an easay way to train Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

yes.go to fuego ironworks and train in the grass

Where should you train Pokemon on lvl 70 in Pokemon diamond?


What do you do after you have become the champion in Pokemon diamond version?

capture the legendary and train your Pokemon

How do you beat the first gym leader on Pokemon diamond?

train your Pokemon to about lv 20

What and Where is the best place to EV train an Elekid in Pokemon Diamond?

probly at the pokemon leuge

How do you get every Pokemon max level Pokemon diamond?

umm.......i THEM UP!!!!!!!!

Where are what Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon on Pokemon diamond are like any other Pokemon, little creatures that you capture, battle with and train. To find some you just got to go looking?

How do you get to the end of Pokemon diamond without wi-fi?

you train up your Pokemon and beat everyone.

Where can you train in Pokemon Diamond?

you can go to trian your pokemon and check back when u tried :)

How do you defeat the master on Pokemon diamond?

Just train pokemon until you are strong enough to beat her.