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You need to trade an Onix holding a Metal Coat.

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Q: Where to get steelix in Pokemon Gold?
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How do you get a steelix in Pokemon Gold?

Trade onix holding a metal coat

How do you turn onix to steelix on Pokemon Gold?

you trade your onix with it holding a metal coat

How do you turn onix into steelix in pokemon gold?

Trade it while holding metalcoat. By sujay in TAMILNADU

Where is a shoothe bell without getting one in the national park in Pokemon heart gold?

well when you beat jasmine at a rematch go back to her gym.she will give you a steelix for any pokemon(Thats right any pokemon) the steelix will be holding a shoothe bell

How do you trade with jasmine in Pokemon Gold?

After a Rematch st the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City, then she will be waiting at her Gym. Then you can trade for her Steelix. Only Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Not Gold, Silver, and Crystal. If you want a Steelix, then you need a Onix (the evolvtion from Steelix) and a Metal Coat then trade it. Then it will evolve. If you have two simalar games, then you should trade it to yourself.

What does steelix evolve into?

it doesnt.....unless pokemon brings up the next pokemon and shows steelix's evolution

What is the best Pokemon that you can get on Pokemon Platinum?


Is there a trainer with a Steelix in Pokemon Pearl?

Yes; Leader Byron has a Steelix in Canvalve City.

What are jasmines Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

2 magnemite and a steelix

What Pokemon does jasmine have?

She has 3 pokemon. She has a Steelix and 2 magnimite

What level does steelix evolve?

Steelix is a Steel and Ground type pokemon.

How do you get steelix in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can either trade an onix holding a metal coat or wait until Whitney calls you after a rematch between you and her