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you trade your onix with it holding a metal coat

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Q: How do you turn onix to steelix on Pokemon Gold?
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How do you turn onix into steelix in pokemon gold?

Trade it while holding metalcoat. By sujay in TAMILNADU

If you trade a Pokemon holding an item eg Onix needs to hold Metal Coat and be traded to turn to Steelix is the item no more?

unfortunately yes

Where can you find the spray bottle in Pokemon gold?

you have to have one ultra ball, catch a onix in a cave with it, turn around three times and poof you have a onix

What makes onix turn into steelix?

Trade it while it is holding metal coat. You can only do this when you have obtained or upgraded your pokedex to national mode

In Pokemon platinum how do you turn your onyx into a steelyx?

you can catch a steelix at iron island

How do you turn dugtrio into onix in FireRed?

You can't.

How do you turn on Pokemon Shiny Gold?

it will be the best game outta all thy Pokemon series

How do you turn the tiles in the ruins of alph in Pokemon gold?

tap the tiles

How do you check your Pokémon's happiness in Pokémon gold?

If you turn around and talk to your Pokemon you can tell what your Pokemon are doing and if they are happy.

What does a red apricorn turn into pokemon gold?

a level ball they are quite useful

Pokemon heart gold what lvl do quilava turn to new Pokemon?

You mean evlove. Quilava evolves into Typhlosion at Lv 36

What level does oniox evolve?

he can't evolve. give him a iron coat and trade him then he will turn into a steelix.