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you have to have one ultra ball, catch a onix in a cave with it, turn around three times and poof you have a onix

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Q: Where can you find the spray bottle in Pokemon gold?
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How do you get to Mahogany Town gold?

First u have to get a water spray bottle from the flower shop in next to the health center in goldenrod. Then spray the odd tree/ Pokemon on route 36.

Where do you find the squirt bottle on Pokemon gold version?

In Pokemon Gold, the squirt bottle item can be obtained from the flower shop in Goldenrod City. It is only available to the player after the player has defeated the Goldenrod Gym.

On Pokemon Gold how do you get passed sowdoowodo?

you have to get the water spray and i kinda forgot where it was from

How do you get passed the moving tree in Pokemon gold?

squirt bottle

Where you can find squirt bottle in Pokemon gold?

There's a house at the top right of Goldenrod City. If you have a PLAINBADGE, the woman inside will give you a SQUIRTBOTTLE.

Where can you find the Squirtle bottle in Pokemon gold version?

The squirtbottle is given to a girl in the flower shop after beating Whitney the goldenrod city gym leader.

How do you move the Pokemon in your way in Pokemon gold?

if you meen the tree near ecrutak city, you have to have a squirtbottle, wich you get in goldenrod city. there is a flower store near the gym, to get the bottle you have to beat the gym leader, and find the sister near the tree. after that i mean you get th bottle. the tree is acturly a Pokemon, it is the Pokemon Sudowoodo and its on lv. 20. hope that helped

How do you move the sudowudo in Pokemon shiny gold?

Go back to golden rod city and go to the flower shop by the gym, she will give you a squirtle squirt bottle , go back to the sudowoodo and spray him, then the inner feline in him breaks free and he battles you

How do you find the tree blocking at the Pokemon shiny gold?

Go to the flower shop and talk to the lady there. She gives you a squirt bottle. Use it on the tree and you get a chance to catch sudowoodo.

How can you go to Ekrcuteak City in Pokemon shiny gold?

get the watering can thing and spray sudowoodo... after beating the gym.

Where is wailmer in Pokemon gold?

You can't find it in Pokemon Gold. Wailer is a 3rd Generation Pokemon not available in 2nd Generation.

Where do you find the squirt bottle in Pokemon gold version?

in Goldenrod city in a little house that's surrounded by flowers there are two girls. One of them will give you the squirt bottle, but you need to beat the gym leader first and have your first 3 badges.