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fiend cloak of miltonius

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Q: Where to get a cool nonmember cape in aqw?
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What class in aqw is best for nonmember?

oracle class is the best

What is most expensive nonmember cape in runescape?


What is the enchatment of horc evader in aqw?

Everthing thief and the cape is luck kk bye

Cool helm for arcane of nulgath in aqw?

prismatic magi helm

How do get cool in aqw?

Get member or acs...or if your really that cheap get reputation armors and weapons.

How do you get nonmember shoes on club penguin?

Its impossible there is no way to get nonmember shoes you have to be a member.

What does electric undead drop in aqw?

book and wand and a cool sword (i forgot the name)

Why is cape cod important?

because it looks cool

What color cape is best when you are a superhero?

the one that is cool

Is Pueto Rico an island or cape?

ellen is cool

Why did void of miltonius armor go rare in AQW?

because it wouldn't be fare to others and not cool

What is the codes for AQW?

oicu812 type this in the girl in battleon town squre you will get a cool sword