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Its kind of hard unless your a member because the only way is to get the rare drop escherion's helm or the expensive blood cloak which 100,000 gold.

P.S this is for nonmember's only. my username is Jerme The assisan if you want to know more .

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Q: How many times does it take to get a ramdom weapon of nulgath on aqw?
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Many weps look good but it depends on what type of damage is good for a class unstable weapons are great with chaos shaper and vindicator of they but are crap with cardclasher. rogue is better of with unstable weps. Dlord is good with both. The best looking weapon in my opinion is ungodly reavers of nulgath

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drudgen pet,nulgath larve,and the easiest go to the mana golem type /join elemental then type goto a person in elemental

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