What is all cool armors for aqw?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Are cool armors all you dimwits after? Seriously!

Just choose the armor that fits your personality and use it.

I wouldn't use armor as they don't do much anyway.

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Q: What is all cool armors for aqw?
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How do get cool in aqw?

Get member or acs...or if your really that cheap get reputation armors and weapons.

How do you get evil armors in AQW?

By checking the AQWorlds wiki and knowing how to get the "evil" armors.

How do you get a free armor in aqw?

if u just do like one quest u can save up for many very very cheap armors sold in battleon

How do you get the guardian class in aqw?

Guardian Class + Defender Class actually. To get one, or both, of these armors, you need to verify one of your accounts that has a Guardian on it. Or Star Captain or Dragonlord.

Where to get a cool nonmember cape in aqw?

fiend cloak of miltonius

How does artix have the blade of awe in aqw?

Each admin of the game have their own custom armors and weapons...thats why you will find admins such as Artix, Golanoth, Cysero etc have deferent equipments.

How do you get all armors in rune scape?

Buy them.

What are all the armors in Dragon Fable?


Cool helm for arcane of nulgath in aqw?

prismatic magi helm

What cool non-member armors are there for aqw?

Well if u want this u need your parents permission to check there email.The armor is deadshed destroyer .You can find the item u need in the battleon newsletter then you have to claim the powergem but you'll need 2 of them .After go to Twilly in Battleon and find a icon called powergems then go to the shop and find DEADSHED DESTROYER . This is a really cool armor and hoped it helped

What are some cool armors in AQWorlds?

first go to yulgar suggestion shop the look for arcanest robes and the shadow ghoul

Where do you find all classes AQW?

you can't find any places with all aqw classes