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if you look on it will tell you which Pokemon can learn surf

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Q: Where to get a Pokemon that knows surf in pearl?
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Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Pearl?

Beat the Pokemon league, then go to Pal Park. You must have a Pokemon that knows Surf.

When you transfer Pokemon from ruby to pearl how do you get them?

Beat the Pokemon league, then go to pal park. South of Solecon. You must have a Pokemon that knows surf.!!<3

Where is the 6th gym in Pokemon pearl?

it's in canalave city. You have to have a Pokemon that knows surf to get across, and before you can enter the gym, you have to battle your rival

Is there a Pokemon that already knows surf?

No, there is no Pokemon that can learn Surf by level up.

How do you surf to the sixth gym in Pokemon Pearl?

you dont have to surf to a gym

How can go to sea in Pokemon pearl?

you have to get 'surf'

In Pokemon Blue how do you swim?

go to Pokemon then press the Pokemon that knows surf press surf that's how u do it!

Which Pokemon surf in pearl version?

nearly all water Pokemon

Cheats for Pokemon Pearl how to get Pokemon league?

Beat the 8th gym leader and have a Pokemon that knows Surf and Waterfall to get to Victory road. go though victory road battle your rival and there you go.

How do you surf on Pokemon Gold?

You'll need to teach the Pokemon Surf and go to the water and press A. (If not go in party and select the Pokemon that knows Surf)

On Pokemon pearl where do you get the HM surf?

from the champion's grandma

Can floatzel use surf in Pokemon Pearl?