In Pokemon Blue how do you swim?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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go to Pokemon then press the Pokemon that knows surf press surf that's how u do it!

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Q: In Pokemon Blue how do you swim?
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Where do you find swim in Pokemon Blue?

At the end of the Safari Zone

How do you swim in Pokemon Diamond?

YOU can't swim but your Pokemon can. There is a Hm called surf. I'm not sure where you get it but you teach it to a water Pokemon and when you get near water push a and it will say,"The water is a a deep blue color... would you like to use surf?" And that's how you use and how your Pokemon can swim!

In Pokemon Blue version Game Boy how do you get swim?

complete the safari zone challenge

In Pokemon Blue Verizon how do you get swim?

it's in the scret hut in the safari zone in Fushia

In Pokemon Blue version how do you get swim?

you need to get surf and teach it to a pokemon. Surd is found when in the safari zone (when you reach the end).

Is there any cheat to automaticaly get the swim skill in Pokemon Blue?

No, not unless you're using a game shark.

Where is the Pokemon league in Pokemon Crystal?

It's in the same place as in Pokemon red, blue,yellow. You go to New bark Town swim in the water to the right of your town. Then you fight some trainers and find a cave. then your at the Pokemon league.

Can ash swim in Pokemon Gold?

No, only Pokemon can.

What Pokémon can swim?

Any Pokemon that can learn Surf is able to swim, and this includes Pokemon that aren't water types.

Can you swim in Pokemon Yellow version?

You can not swim in any of the Pokemon games. You can Surf, however, in EVERY game.

What Pokemon can swim in a fast current in firered?

Sut there are no Pokemon that can swim in fast current. you can only surf in normal water.

Where do blue whales swim?

they like to swim in ponds from izy lol