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You can't. There is only one speed to the "Surf" on Diamond/Pearl.

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Q: How do you surf fast on Pokemon Diamond?
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What Pokemon can surf in a fast current?

No Pokemon can surf in fast current.

Where do you get surf on Pokemon diamond?

3rd gym

In Pokemon diamond can loppuny lern surf?


In Pokemon diamond how do you get to the flower patch?

surf there

How do you get to Celestic city in Pokemon Diamond?

with surf

Where do you get the hm surf in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic Town

Where to get surf in Pokemon diamond?

beat crasher wave

What HM do you get after fly on Pokemon diamond?

its suppose to be surf

Is it possible to make the move surf on Pokemon diamond unlimited?

surf is a hm. It is unlimited.

How do you get to the sixth gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

One of your Pokemon has to learn surf.

What city do you get the move surf in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic Town is the city/town in which you'll get Surf at.

Where do you go after obtaining the HM Surf in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

surf left of jubilife to canalave