Where to get TM toxic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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TM toxic is found in the place where you go to fight the elite four called "mystery road".

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Q: Where to get TM toxic?
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In Pokemon pearl what is TM 06?


Pokemon crystal can you buy TM toxic?


Where do you get the TM toxic in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only get it if you trade a Pokemon from d/p/pt holding the TM toxic which can be found on route 212. sorry

Where do you get toxic in Pokemon FireRed?

After defeating Koga the fuchsia gym leader he gives you the TM Toxic

Where do you find TM Toxic or TM 06 in Pokemon Crystal?

Janine, the new Gym Leader of the Fuchsia City Gym will give you TM06 Toxic as a reward for beating her in a match.

How can you get the TM Toxic in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can find it in hiddin places that show a pokeball

What is the TM number of toxic in Pokemon ruby?

It has always been TM06.

Where to find TM 06 toxic in Pokemon heartgold?

Janine gives you it when you defeat her.

What moves can dugtrio learn in Pokemon Blue?

By Leveling Up: Start: Scratch, Growl, Dig, Sand-Attack 15: Growl 19: Dig 24: Sand-Attack 35: Slash 47: Earthquake By TM/HM: TM 06: Toxic TM 08: Body Slam TM 09: Take Down TM 10: Double-Edge TM 15: Hyperbeam TM 20: Rage TM 26: Earthquake TM 27: Fissure TM 28: Dig TM 31: Mimic TM 32: Double Team TM 34: Bide TM 44: Rest TM 48: Rock Slide HM 01: Cut

Where do you get the TM toxic in Pokemon FireRed?

i'm pretty sure you get it from Koga when you beat him(Koga is the 6th gym leader)

What level does Venusaur learn toxic?

It doesn't. It can learn it by TM, but it isn't in its natural 'level up' move-set.

Where can you get TM Toxic in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can get TM06 Toxic from the following Battle Frontier locations (North of Route 40) in PoKéMoN...Diamond & Pearl - Battle Tower PrizePlatinum - Battle Frontier ShopHeartGold & SoulSilver - Battle Frontier Shop for 32 B.P.