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it is not a amethyst key it is something else that i forgot its name. Anyway i have no idea where it is i know where one piece is it is at the carnevle falls.

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Q: Where to find the amethyst key in Super Secret?
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Where is The Amethyst key in super secret?

I found one part at cavarn falls and the other part is supposed to be in the ATM at diamond hights. The last piece you get when you turn 14.

Where is the Amethyst Key on super secret?

first you have to do Anatole's task Buckley's Tasks then do Sid's Tasks then do Donney's Tasks then Diamante's task then Cornelia's Task ( don't worry after doing donney's task you will get a prize then go to cavern falls then click on the water fall) then go to Bryon and then give him the fake amethyst key the go to the thing that takes you to Camila (excuse me if i spelled Camila wrong) and click on it the it will ask you if you want to go and click yes hope this helped!P.S. if you sell your amethyst key you will still have access to Camila

How do you find secret key?

Be more specific

How do you find the secret key in LeafGreen?

The secret key is hidden in the basement of Pokemon Mansion which is located on Cinnibar Island.

Were do you get the 1st half of the amethyst key in supersecret?

You Get the Second Key When your 14

Do you has to buy the secret key?

No, you find it on route 218

How do you find secret key without mystery gift?

by action replay

How do you open the royal secret key in ameba pico?

To open the Royal Secret Key in Ameba Pico, you need to find and interact with a Secret Box located within the game. Once you have the Secret Box, you can use it to unlock the Royal Secret Key. Keep exploring the game and interacting with different elements to locate the Secret Box.

How do you you get the key to open the secret compartment on the train in poptropica mystery train?

The key doesn't open the secret compartment! You click on the different panels on Mark Twain's wall to find the compartment. The key is for luggage.

Where can you find the key to Gs secret mission?

There's no key, you have to play the mission before it, which is case of the missing puffles.

When was The Key The Secret created?

The Key The Secret was created in 1993.

How do you find secret key on cinnabar island red version?

its in the mewtwo mansion in the basement