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In HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, Smeargle can be found outside the Ruins of Alph (level 20-22) or at the Safari Zone (Plains zone during Morning or Day).

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Q: Where to find smeargle in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where is Smeargle in Pokemon HeartGold?

In the Ruins of Alph and the Safari Zone.

How do you catch smeargle in Pokemon HeartGold?

You are most likely going to be mad when you find out... According to the Pokemon Strategy Guide, Smeargle can be found in the Ruins of Alph (in the Johto region, NOT Kanto). It is extremely hard to be found here... If you are too lazy AND you have Pokemon Platinum, Pearl, etc., you can import Smeargle from there. It is MUCH easier to be found there.

What Pokemon can you find in the Battle Frontier on Pokemon Emerald?

Smeargle and Sudowudoo

How do you catch Smeargle in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can find Smeargle in route 212 using the Poke Radar.

Were can you find natu in Pokemon Gold?

you find him in the ruins of alph by weeds and you can find smeargle on there same thing on Pokemon heart gold (natu evolves at level 25)(smeargle no evolvetion)

What type of Pokemon is Smeargle?

Smeargle is a Normal type pokemon.

Can you catch smeargle on HeartGold?

Yes you can at the ruins of alf

Is smeargle a legendary in Pokemon?

No, Smeargle is not a Legendary Pokémon.

What Pokemon are in aritey cave Pokemon emerald?

If you mean Artisan Cave, you can only find Smeargle.

How do you get smeargle to learn spore?

Enter a double-battle with smeargle and a Pokemon with spore. Have that Pokemon use spore and have smeargle use sketch on him/her.

Where you can find smeargle in platinum version of Pokemon?

use the pokerader in front of the mantion

Where do you get Smeargle in Pokemon Pearl?

Smeargle, the artist Pokemon, can be caught in Pokemon Pearl by using the Poke Radar on Route 212 (closer to Hearthome City side). The same area for catching Smeargle applies to Pokemon Diamond.