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Moltres can't be found in Crystal. If you want it in Crystal, you'll have to use the Time Capsule or you could get it from an event in the past. You can find Moltres at Victory Road in Red/Blue/Yellow.

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Q: Where to find moltres in pokemon crystal?
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How do you get moltres in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't get Moltres in Pokemon Crystal, Only in Pokemon Leafgreen and Pokemon Firered. Including Pokemon Platinum.

Where do you find moltres on Pokemon soul silver?

You find Moltres in Mt. Silver.

How do you find moltres in Pokemon fire red?

Moltres is in Mt. Mortar

Can you get moltress in Pokemon black?

No you cannot find Moltres in Pokemon Black however you can get Moltres in Pokemon Black by transferring one from a previous game.

Where is Pokemon moltres?

In Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire Red, and Leaf Green Moltres is in Victory Road. In Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver Moltres is in Mount Silver.

Pokemon Silver where do you find moltres?

You cannot find Moltres in Pokemon Silver. You can use the Time Capsule and use Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow with Moltres in it and trade it over. In Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver: Moltres in in Mt. Sliver after you have obtained all 16 badges. You need surf, waterfall and rock climb to get to it.

How do you get a Zapdos and Moltres in Pokemon Crystal?

Unfortunately, they have to be traded form Red, Blue, or Yellow (or, perhaps, Green).

Where is Moltres in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow, Moltres can be found on Victory Road. _____ Going towards Indigo Plateau or the Pokemon League, near the exit of Victory Road (you have to have all the badges to get there), you will find Moltres.

Where is moltres on Pokemon HeartGold?

you find moltres in mt.silver take a different path then you do to get to red/ash

How do you find moltres in Pokemon Gold?

Moltres is a legendary Fire and Flying type Pokemon. It does not appear in Pokemon Gold, but may be traded over from a first generation game. In the reboot of Pokemon Gold, Pokemon HeartGold, Moltres is encountered in Mt. Silver.

Where do you find moltres on Pokemon Yellow?

Victory Road.

Where do you find moltres in Pokemon Gold?

In Mount Silver