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Moltres is in Mt. Mortar

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Q: How do you find moltres in Pokemon fire red?
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Pokemon Red fire version what to find moltres?

Moltres is a legendary Pokemon from the first generation of games. It is a Fire and Flying type and can be encountered in Pokemon FireRed in Mt. Ember.

What Pokemon game do you migrate to get moltres in diamond?

you get moltres in Pokemon fire red

How do you find a moltres on Pokemon fire red Pokemon?

Moltres makes its roost on the peak of Mt Ember. HM04-Strength is needed to move boulders to reach the summit.

Were you can catch moltres on Pokemon fire red?

you can find moltres at the top of mt. ember. but i would recommend saving it just before you battle it +

Were do you get Moltres in Pokemon Fire Red?

Moltres is found at the top of Mt. Ember in Island #1 Jean

What fire Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon red?

•Growlithe •Ponyta •Moltres (to name a few)

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Moltres?

If you want a Moltres on Pokemon Emerald,you'll need to trade from Fire Red or Leaf Green. Or use a GameShark.

Where to find moltres on Pokemon fire red version?

You go through ember mountain and he should be waiting at the top for u!

A good Pokemon fire red team Blastoise Raichu Butterfree Vaporeon muk or haunter or kadabra moltres?


Where is moltres on Pokemon HeartGold?

you find moltres in mt.silver take a different path then you do to get to red/ash

Where do you find moltres's place Pokemon Red?

Victory Road

Where is Pokemon moltres?

In Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire Red, and Leaf Green Moltres is in Victory Road. In Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver Moltres is in Mount Silver.