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In the third generation game of Pokemon Emerald, Latios is one of two legendary Pokemon that will flee from the player if found. After defeating the Elite Four, the player speaks to their mother and this action sets Latios flying all over Hoenn. It can then be encountered randomly in tall grass.

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Q: Where to find latios in Pokemon Emerald?
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What Pokemon pack has a latios?

You can find Latios on Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and SoulSilver.

How do you find Latios on Pokemon emerald?

You have to lock it up on the pokedex.

Where do you watch a tv in pokemon emerald to find latios or latias?

Your Home

Where can you best find latios at on Pokemon emerald?

there is no BEST way to find him, everything is completely random.

Which legendaries can you get in Pokemon Emerald?

Legendary pokemon you can find in emerald are (without cheats & events) Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.You can get latios OR latias in pokemon emerald too.rayquaza,kyogre,grouden,jirachi,deoxys and i think mew

How you find latias or latios in Pokemon emerald?

after beating league champion in woods and water.

How do you get latios in Pokemon collesium?

Latios can be traded to Colosseum from Ruby, or Emerald.

Can you catch Latios and Latias in Pokemon Colosseum?

No, you can only get Latias in Sapphire and Emerald and Latios in Ruby and Emerald.

How come my latios and ditto won't have a latios egg in Pokemon emerald?

No legendary Pokemon even latios and latias can have eggs.

How do you see latios in Pokemon emerald?

in the pokedex

Can you get both latias and latios on emerald?

It is possible, but you can't catch them both on 1 Pokemon game. If you have Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and or Sapphire. Then you can get them both. For example: Someone trade Latios and you have Latias, trade an another Pokemon for Latios and you have them both.

On Pokemon Sapphire where is Latios?

Latios is not catchable in Sapphire you must get one from Ruby or Emerald.