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After fixing the problem at the power plant go to the city directly south of it ( the name escapes me), in the top right corner of the city there is the radio tower. talk to a man in a brown suit, then u have the expn card and can wake snorlax by tuning in to the very top station.

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Q: Where to find expn card in Pokemon gold?
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How to get an EXPN card on Pokemon Gold for gbc?

I have been playing my game boy color for a long time trying to find out were to get the EXPN card to activate my radio on Pokemon gold for Game boy color.

Where do you find the expansion card in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You find the EXPN card in Kanto, Lavender Town at the Radio Tower. I didn't find it there and I need it BADLY!!!Well this is me again I have the Expansion Card, but it won't show the Kanto Radio Station Songs..PLEASE HELP!!! O.K I needed to change it to the Pokemon League Dis-sign on your Poke Gear!!

How do you tune your radio on heart gold to the pokeflute channel?

get the EXPN card in lavender town to get that station

How do you use the expn card in poke'mon heart gold?

You go to your pokegear to use it. (radio) It installs itself.

How do you get the EXPN card in heart gold?

Talk to Director after you solved the Power Plant Mystery then go to Lavender talk to him you will get it

How do you get the pokeflute in HeartGold?

The PokeFlute is not a separate item as it was in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. First, go to Lavender Town to the Kanto Radio Tower. Talk to everyone until you find someone who gives you an EXPN Card. This card allows you to change the radio to the top tiny star with your stylus to tune to the PokeFlute channel.

How much is a gold Togepi Pokemon card worth?

i have a mewtwo & a Jiggalypuff .. did you find out how much they are worth ??

Where do you find the Kanto radio card in pokemon gold?

In Lavender Town, Pokemon Tower If you got the radio card from Goldenrod then I beleive somebody on the ground floor will give you the expansion

Can you heat a gold plated Pokemon card to remove gold?

Heating a gold plated Pokemon card could potentially damage the card itself. It's best to consult with a professional jeweler or appraiser who has experience with removing gold plating from delicate items like trading cards.

What is the next Pokemon card series after platinum?

i think a remake of Pokemon gold and silver

Where do you get the radio card to play poke flute music in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Complete the Power Plant side quest (go fix it - requires you to head to cearuelen, and etc) and then after that is done - head to Lavender Town's radio tower. The guard at the staircase will give you an EXPN card that allows you to use your radio in Kanto. The Pokeflute channel is towards the top of the "radio globe" and towards the middle.

How do you get a gold rand trainer card in Pokemon emerald?

you win