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To get the Leaf Stone you have to go to the river on 119 near the Weather Institute. Surf down and you will find a pokeball. Pick it up and it will be a leafstone.

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Q: Where to find Leaf Stone in Pokemon ruby?
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In Pokemon Ruby what Pokemon get evolved by stones?

Pokemon requiring a stone to evolve:Eevee - Thunder stone, Jolteon (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby) Eevee- fire stone, Flareon (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby)Eevee- water stone, Vaporeon (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby)Sunkern- sun stone, Sunflora (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby)Jigglypuff- moon stone, WigglytuffSkitty - moon stone, DelcattyNidorino- moon stone, Nidoking (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby)Nidorina- moon stone, Nidoqueen (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby)Growlithe- fire stone, Arcanine (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby)Gloom- sun stone, BellosumGloom- leaf stone, VileplumeStaryu- water stone, StarmiePikachu- thunder stone, RaichuLombre- water stone, LudicoloNuzleaf- leaf stone, ShiftryVulpix- fire stone, NinetalesHappiny- oval stone Chansey

Where do you get a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

To get the leaf stone in Pokémon Ruby you need to first go to the area of the Weather Institute. Next surf north to the waterfall and you will find the stone.

What pokemon evolves with a leaf stone on pokemon ruby?


What evolves from a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?


What Pokemon does a leaf stone evolve in Pokemon ruby?

gloom into vileplume.

Were do you get a leaf stone on Pokemon ruby?

I am sure you get it from victory road.

What Pokemon evolves with the leaf stone in ruby?

Nuzleaf will evolve into Shiftry and the leaf stone will turn Gloom into Vileplume.

Where can you find a leaf stone on Pokemon ruby?

to find a leaf stone is to find a nuzleaf and go into the cave of origin if you don't want to waste your time go to the forest near the rustboro flower shop and theres a pokeball in the middle of the garden that's a leaf stone.

Where can you find Leaf Stones at in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

i think they can be bought somewhere from wut i rember ( i completed omega ruby)

Where do you buy leaf stones in Pokemon ruby?

nowhere, find a green shard and bring it to the shard hunter near mossdeep city... he will trade it for a leaf stone

What level does nuzleaf evolve on Pokemon Ruby?

nuzleaf evolves with a leaf stone

Which Pokemon can evolve with a leaf stone in ruby version?

Weepinbell, Gloom and Exeggcute.