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nowhere, find a green shard and bring it to the shard hunter near mossdeep city...

he will trade it for a leaf stone

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Q: Where do you buy leaf stones in Pokemon ruby?
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Where to get a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

Go to liyovile city and then go to the general store and buy it

Where to get leaf stones?

in celadon market you can buy leaf stones,fire stones,water stones and thunder stones

How can you buy Pokemon ruby?

You can buy Pokemon Ruby on eBay or Craigslist.

Where to buy a leaf stone in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot buy leaf stones you have to earn them from people like lennora the second gym leader or find them in poke balls.

Where do you duy a leaf stone on Pokemon white?

If by duy you mean buy then the answer is you can't. The only Pokemon games where you can buy evolutionary stones are Pokemon Green, Blue and Yellow (that's right, the originals).

Can you buy a leaf stone in ruby?


Pokeon emerald can you buy leaf stones?

No, to get leaf stones trade green shards with a man that lives on the sea

How do you get Pokemon Ruby?

Buy it

Where do get a leaf stone or grass stone in Pokemon black?

Go to black city and gain people from pokemon white's white forest who gives you the option of selling leaf stone. After, save, go to the market that just appeared in your city and buy (expensive) leaf stones.

You Have Had Pokemon Ruby for years you want to restart it but you are very nostalgic What do you do?

Buy new Pokemon Ruby and play it.

Where do you buy stones in Pokemon black 2?

you cannot buy them.

Where can you buy stones in Pokemon Gold?

Sorry but it is not possible to buy them