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Only in a few towns. Saffron is one of them, Celadon is another.

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Q: Where to buy max repel in Pokemon Red?
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What is the best town to get a max repel in Pokemon fire red?

Elite four, Celadon city and all other places where you can buy max repel are equally good

What is max repel?

Max Repel is a potion that prevents Pokemon that are LOWER level then you. Meaning that if u have a lvl 40 Pokemon and u use max repel. it will only keep level 2-39 Pokemon away. Even if u use max repel and ur Pokemon is lower level than wild Pokemon that are 41+, you will encounter them so be sure that u have a high level Pokemon when using max repel

Where can you buy max repel in Pokemon Yellow?

Max Repels can be purchased at the PokeMarts in Saffron City, Cinnabar Island, and Indigo Plateau. They are sold at 700 pokedollars each.

How do you get raikuentaiand Suicune on FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen?

to get suicune in Pokemon fire red you beat the elite 4 and you have charmander as your starting Pokemon. Then go to a grass area with max repel....USE IT!!

Where do you get max repel from on Pokemon diamond?

game stop

Action replay max codes for Pokemon fire red?

so you have to buy it?

Where can you find dalgia in Pokemon Diamond?

spear pillar through mount coronet. look of youtube how to get through. buy minimum 10 max repel to not encounter many Pokemon

Can a max repel stop Pokemon from battling you while surfing?

yes you can

Where is max elixer in red blue version Pokemon?

there is lots of max elixers you can find them out in the wild i dont know if you can buy them

Where do you get a max repel in Pokemon diamond?

in any pokemart No you can get a REPEL in ANY pokemart... that's the regular one.... A max repel is available in and after veilstone city.......(Veilstone, Snowpoint, Canalave, Sunyshore, Pastoria, Pokemon League, Battle Frontier (Battle, Survival and Resort Areas)

Where can you find or buy Max Elixir or Elixir in Pokemon Fire Red?

at the bottom of the cycleing road.

Where can you buy max repel in emerald?

The blue store lol$ twss