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Stadium (soda on snack coffee shop (coffee next to newspapers), Pet shop (fish bowl), Beach (sand bucket w/ shovel), Book room(coffee on counter), Cove( water bottle), Lodge Attic (water glass),and if u couldn't find it by yourself it's in the dojo(fish on left corner of roof)

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Q: Where on club penguin is the water hunt items?
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Where do you get the items in Club Penguin water hunt?

from around club penguin

Where in the last item in the water hunt in club penguin?

Where IS the last item in the water hunt in Club Penguin?In the water.

Where is all the things in the water hunt in club penguin?

go to you tube and type in club penguin water hunt 2010. It's what I did.

Where is the last water hunt object in club penguin?

The last water hunt item in club penguin is ate the dojo. Click on the fish that is made on the dojo.

Where are the items for the water hunt on club penguin?

cove/water bottle pet shop/ fish bowl coffee shop/ mug beach/ sand

Where are the items for sensei's scavenger hunt on club penguin?

i need help finding the fuse

What is the water hunt on club penguin?

It's for the water dojo and the big rainstorm

Where is the las item for the water treasure hunt club penguin?

at the dojo

How do you get the whale in club penguin water hunt?

Its on top of the dojo the bottom left one

Where is all the items for the Water Hunt on Club Penguin?

Water Hunt 1.Stadium 2.Coffe shop 3.Pet Store 4.Cove 5.Book Room 6.The LOunge 7.Beach 8.Dojo Courtyard

How do you finish the adventure hunt in club penguin?

You have to find all the items. Go to or to find a complete guide.

Where is the third water hunt thing on club penguin?

It's the goldfish bowl in the pet shop.