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its a scavenger hunt

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Q: How do you get fire in Club Penguin?
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Where is the fire stone on Club Penguin?

There is no fire stone on club penguin.

On Club Penguin what puffle goes on fire?

On Club penguin the black puffles turn on fire.

Where will you find the paper for the fire in Club Penguin?

The paper for the fire in club penguin is the safety manual

Where can you download penguin fire for Club Penguin?

You can download penguin fire at But there is a better version of penguin fire and it is Club Penguin Storm 7 and you can download it at and it REALLY WORKS!!!

Can you play club penguin on a Kindle Fire and can you download Adobe Flash Player on a Kindle Fire?

i think you can play club penguin on a kindle fire because this website says you can and if can play club penguin on it, you can download adobe flash player because it is impossible to play club penguin without it!

What puffle catches on fire on club penguin?

the black puffle catches fire on club penguin if you feed it a puffle-o or if you play with it

How do you start the fire on Club Penguin Penguin Elite Force?


Can fire tip the iceberg on club penguin?


How do you get the fire costume on club penguin?

you die

Is there going to be a fire sensi on Club Penguin?


What to do after making a fire on club penguin?


What is penguin lime 3?

Its a club penguin hack/cheat like penguin storm, or penguin fire.