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you find him at night when you find little bakura!

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2011-09-13 11:25:17
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Q: Where is yami bakura in Yu-Gi-Oh nightmare troubadour?
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What manga series is yami bakura in?

Yugioh :)

How do you get all of the card packs in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

You get to level 22 and beat Yami Marik Then you will have all packs available however some cards you have to trade to get.

Does Yami Bakura slaughter people?

Yami Bakura does not slaughter people.

Can you get yami yugi as a friend in yu-gi-oh nightmare troubadour?


How old is bakura?

well... if Yami is 5000 years old then so is Bakura. (yami no Bakura, the mean one)

Where is yami yugi on yugi oh nightmare troubadour?

You just find him randomlly sometime's it will be Yugi moto sometime's Yami yugi

How did yami bakura die?

Zorc's destruction at the hands of The Creator God of Light, Horakhty also destroyed Yami Bakura.

When is the expert cup in yu-gi-oh nightmare troubadour?

after you beat pegasis i am in the tornament now is not right. First find ishizu and beat her 3 times in a row then u unlock yami bakura. beat him at night. u can find when u find little bakura. after u beay yami bakura the next mokuba will come a pick up up to the tournament and that / Then u will be interupted by the big five.beat them around the city. then kil noah. Thenu go 2 final for expert. duel rebecca 2 times. then bakura then yami. after that find ishizu in first city. she says unity or power. power gets u oblesk. unity gets u slifer. Enjoy.

Did yu-gi-oh wanted to defeat ryo bakura?

Yami Yugi wanted to defeat Yami Bakura because he was possessing the body of Ryou Bakura and wated to take over the world (or something like that).

How old was original yami bakura?

'Yami Bakura' is an entity created by the merging of a fragment of an evil deity called Zorc Necrophades, and the soul of 'Bandit King Bakura', a human. So it's hard to put an age on Yami Bakura himself. However the Yu-Gi-Oh Character Guide: Millenium Book puts Bandit King Bakura's age at 16.

How do you find Yami Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour?

Yami Marik will always be located in the second city. However, he will no longer appear after completing the initial story, and will instead be replaced by his doppelganger, Marik Ishtar.

Does yami bakura like someone?

Yes, he loves Marik, his girlfriend.

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