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You get to level 22 and beat Yami Marik Then you will have all packs available however some cards you have to trade to get.

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Q: How do you get all of the card packs in yugioh nightmare troubadour?
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Is there an action replay code for more than one forbidden card in your deck in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

yes there is it is 268756875645985689

How do you transfer the Egyptian god cards from Yugioh Nightmare Troubadour to Yugioh World Championship 2008?

Unfortunately, no previous YGO! DS games can link with World Championship 2008, so you cannot get the God Cards from Nightmare Troubadour. I know for a fact that "Slifer the Sky Dragon" was offered as a downloadable card for one day, so perhaps that is the only way of getting the God Cards. yes ghosts exists.

On nightmare troubadour what do you do after the expert cup?

Find Ishizu and get and the Egyptian god card.

Are there god cards on yugioh world championship 2005?

I belive you must join a wireless game with a Yugioh Nightmare troubadour on ds that has a god card. You then can buy the god card for I belive 4,200 DP. The Nightmare Troubadour game will not lose the god card if you buy it, or any other card. This is the only way to get cards like Raigeki, and Monster Reborn.

How do you get exodia necross in Yu-Gi-Oh nightmare troubadour?

Exodia Necross is in the card pack The Forever Ones.

Where can you buy cheap Pokemon and yugioh card booster boxes and booster packs?


Are old Yugioh card packs and tins still available to buy in stores or online?


How do you get more card packs in yugioh 5ds stadust accelerator wc09?

Playing Story Mode

In Yugioh World Championship 2008 i have 100 percent in all card packs but my card collection is 92.9 percent. Does anyone know why or how i can get to 100 percent?

You have to download special cards from online play. There are certain cards you can only get online and no where in card packs. By the way, how did you open all card packs?

How do you get packs of cards In yugioh world championship 2008?

You buy them using your DP you win in a duel, at the card store!

How do you get the Egyptian god cards in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

After beating the expert cup search for Ishizu and you'll have to duel for it. (When I played I had to beat Seto Kaiba for Slifer the Sky Dragon). You can only have one god card at a time unless you use Action Replay cheats. You can trade the god card you get for the one Yami Yugi has or after beating the game you can trade Marik for Ra.

To get exodia necross in Yu-Gi-Oh nightmare troubadourhow?

Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour is a game for the Nintendo DS platform. In the game, Exodia Necross is located in the card pack known as 'Forever Ones.'