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No. Yami Marik will never appeal to being your friend. He will also disappear after completing the initial Story, and instead be replaced by his doppelganger, Marik Ishtar. You can, however, register Marik as a Duelist.

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Q: Can you get yami marik as a friend in yu-gi-oh nightmare troubadour?
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How do you get all of the card packs in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

You get to level 22 and beat Yami Marik Then you will have all packs available however some cards you have to trade to get.

How do you turn yami marik good in the ds game Yugioh nightmare troubdour?

I'm afraid i don't know but personally i like yami marik. I mean he is not evil just a tortured soul who needs a friend.

Where is Marik in yu-gi-oh nightmare troubadour?

complete expert cup then some time after you will find marik but his name will say namu until some time after

How do you find Yami Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour?

Yami Marik will always be located in the second city. However, he will no longer appear after completing the initial story, and will instead be replaced by his doppelganger, Marik Ishtar.

Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour how to get to marik?

You have to finish the Expert Cup and keep on dueling and talking to people. Eventualy you will see Marik's good form and will hear about rare hunters. Then just keep dueling and he will pop up.

How do you beat Joey in Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour when he's under Marik's control?

Oh cmon its easy, all you have to do is keep trying, youll beat some time or another.

How do you get the Egyptian god cards in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

After beating the expert cup search for Ishizu and you'll have to duel for it. (When I played I had to beat Seto Kaiba for Slifer the Sky Dragon). You can only have one god card at a time unless you use Action Replay cheats. You can trade the god card you get for the one Yami Yugi has or after beating the game you can trade Marik for Ra.

In yugioh world championship 2008 do Yugi Kaiba and Marik have the 3 gods?


Where is Yami Marik in yu gi oh nightmare trobadour?

Yami Marik will always have five stars and be in the second city.

Is marik ishtar from Yugioh gay?

Well his evil dark side is but marik himself is also half evil

Which episode does Marik appear?

Marik Ishtars first appearance in Yugioh was episode 201 or 202 in season 2.The episode is called "Mystery Duelist"part 1 and 2 for those who cant figure out the top:)

How do you beat joey on yu-gi-oh nightmare troubadour?

To advance in the Story, you must defeat Yami Marik with an Egyptian God Card. If you defeat him by any other means, he will only dismiss it as a warm-up and will continue to stay where he is; the Story will also not progress.