Where is vault 112 in fallout 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Vault 112 is in Casey smiths garage once you activate the electrical switch and you will have the doors into the basement open and then you get into Vault 112 and are spoken to by a robo-brain or whatever, and you go into the machine after you change into the Vault 112 vault suit.

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Q: Where is vault 112 in fallout 3?
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Is my dad in vault 106 in Fallout 3?

SPOILER: no he is in vault 112 in smith Casey garage

What are the vaults in fallout 3?

There are 7 vaults as follows: Vault 87 Vault 92 Vault 101 Vault 106 Vault 108 and Vault 112

Do you ever find your dad in fallout 3?

Yes, if you follow the main storyline you will finally meet him in vault 112.

Are the bad guys near vault 112 in fallout?

There are no enimies inside the vault itself but there are a few mole rats in Smith Casey's garage, which you have to go through to get to vault 112

Fallout 3 hidden quest?

There is many hidden quests in Fallout 3 but i there is one when you reenter the vault. (after you father dies) hang around the vault entrance.

How do you find vault 77 in fallout 3?

vault 77 doesn't exist in the game.

Where is bigtown at on Fallout 3?

Just North from Vault 101.

Is there a personal vault in fallout 3 Xbox 360?

All Vault Tech Vaults in Fallout 3 where made public. You are talking about private shelters that are scattered throughout the Capitol Wasteland.

Where is old olny in Fallout 3?

south-east of vault 92

In fallout 3 are there any vaults that have people in them?

Yes. Seven vaults exist in Fallout 3. One of them is Vault 101, where your character begins the game. For spoilers as to who or what lives within the remaining vaults, check .

What happened in all the vaults in fallout?

In Fallout 3 vault 101 is the only Vault still active, every single other vault the people went crazy and then they killed eachother, simply because they wanted to leave the vault so bad because they were trapped in there

What happens to your followers after getting ambushed leaving vault 87 in Fallout 3?

bak to where you got them except for dogmeat he at vault 101