What is fallout 3 story line?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the story line for fallout 3 is you start by coming out of your mum and you go through the process of choosing what your name is and what you look like when you get older.

when you've done that your mum dies, and you go to when your 1 years old and you pick your attributes.

then you go to your tenth birthday and you get to try your first gun the BB gun which your dad and Jonas (a scientist in the vault) make.

next is your sixteenth, you take your goat exam a series of questions, a few days later your dad escapes the vault so you go after him and escape the vault.

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Q: What is fallout 3 story line?
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Does fallout have a free roam after the story is completed?

No, When you complete both Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas you are not able to free roam the wasteland.

Is Fallout 3 a long game?

Fallout 3 a Long Game?It really matters what you call "long." Fallout 3 has more than 60 hours of game play, which does not include exploring and side quests.The main story line, depending on your difficulty setting and skill, should take you less than a few days to completeIt can be long if you download DLC's! ;)

Can you play Fallout 3 on line without downloading it?

Fallout 3 is not a browser game, so on a PC you need to download and install it. On a console it obviously does not need to be installed.

Can you continue the story on Fallout New Vegas?

If you mean after you have finished the main quest line then no you have to load a previous save.

Which game is a better buy Fallout 3 or Prototype?

Definitely Fallout 3. Prototype is a great game, but the graphics and the length of the story line are no match for those of Fallout 3. Plus, if you have the PC version you can download tons of free mods, quests, and buy download able contents which are made by Bethesda itself! (Warning, if you don't like fps or rpg games.. Then Prototype might be a better game for you.)

Will Fallout 4 continue in the story of fallout 3 Or will it be a completely new story?

No, fallout nv doesnot continue the story of falllout 3. Instead it has another great story. Fallout nvs story is that you get shot in the good springs cemetery benny who is a high social leveled guy who stays at the tops. In the entire story you try to track down Benny and his have many options of who to of my favorite ways is to go w/ the ncr and reunite them with the boomers,brotherhood of steel,and the groups of new vegas strip including the kings from freeside.from the fallout 3 game they did bring back the brotherhood of steel.they are hiiden ubderground in bunkers. thats my answer and i hope it helps you.

Do you have to play fallout 1 and 2 to understand 3?

No, they help a bit with some of the back story and give some basis for the environment in fallout 3, but the story lines are very separate. Not to mention the gameplay is very different (top-down 2d rpg on a rather old engine) and possibly not attractive to the same audience as fallout 3.

How do you type in cheat codes in fallout 3?

You press the wiggely line above the tab button

Does fallout new Vegas freeze like Fallout 3?

Occasionally Fallout: New Vegas will freeze, but not as frequently as Fallout 3.

Where is junians chamber in Fallout 3?

There is no such place in fallout 3.

Fallout 3 PSP cheaths?

fallout 3 psp??????

Fallout 3 names?

Fallout 3, Fallout 3: Game of The Year Edition, Fallout 3: Broken Steel/Operation Anchorage/Mothership Zeta/The Pit/Point Lookout