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Head down from Hearthome City onto Route 212. On your right, you should see an enclosed space with an opening on the bottom. Go through the opening and head up into the House. Once you're in the mansion, head straight up and you'll find yourself in the trophy garden. If you speak to the owner of the mansion who's found in one of the rooms on the right, he will talk about a unique Pokemon that you can find in the trophy garden for that day.

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Q: Where is the trophy garden on platinum?
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trophy garden

In platinum were can you see dito?

trophy garden

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in the trophy garden

How do you get a bonsly in Pokemon Platinum?

In the Trophy Garden

How do you get dito in pokemon platinum?

In the Trophy Garden.

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The Pickachu in Pokemone Platinum is in the Trophy Garden.

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trophy garden in platinum pearl and diamond

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They are found in the trophy garden.

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Rts. 209,210, and in the Trophy Garden

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Trophy Garden.

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trophy garden

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You Can get a pikachu by going to trophy garden