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there isn't one.

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Q: Where is the secret door in platinum at the trophy garden?
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Were is mr blackot's room in Pokémon Platinum?

It is in the Pokémon mansion which is in route 212 it is the room just left the door which leads to the trophy garden.

Where is Pokemon number 133 on Pokemon Platinum?

You can get it from Bebe(next door to the Pokemon center in Eterna city), or you can check out the trophy garden, it will appear there occasionally.

What door does the secret key open on Pokemon platinum?

It opensa secret door in the Eterna Galactic building where you can change rotoms forme.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Secret Garden - 1975 The Door in the Wall 1-3?

The Secret Garden - 1975 The Door in the Wall 1-3 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Where is the trophy garden?

go down of hearthom city until u c a huge house with a wall surrounding it go inside it and go to the upper door and voila ur in the trophy garden!!!

How long has the door been locked to The Secret Garden?


Why did Mary want to find The Secret Garden?

martha ( one of the maids) sent her outside to play and have fun but she saw a path covered with ivy and then she saw a robbin. it took her to the door but she remembered that in her aunts box it had the key to the door and thats how she found the door....i think?

Is there a secret door in Pokemon platinum?

There is go to the Galactic buliding WITH the secret key AND ROTOM.So goto Eterna city and the fancy bad building and youfindasecretdoor

Do you need a pokeradar to catch castform in Pokemon platinum?

No, you have to go to the Pokemon manshion, talk to the master (First door to the right) until he says "a cute eyed castform ran up and gave me a smooch on the cheek..." after that you need to go to the trophy garden (DON'T get annoyed because it is VERY hard to catch it!!).

Close entrance to secret base Pokemon platinum?

all you have to do is go into your secret base it says this is your secret base go in say yes then it says leave door open or close and decorate just select that.

What famous novel is about an orphan girl who finds a door and mysterious place hidden behind it?

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

How do you get past the secret door in mount coronet in Pokemon platinum version?

you need to have been to lake acuity and then the team galatic headquaters in veilstone city.