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In Vielstone city

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Q: Where is the team galatic warehouse?
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Were do you get the galatic team headquarters key on Pokemon pearl ds?

In the galactic warehouse.

Where do you get the card key in pastroi city to get pass galtics team in Pokemon diamond?

You mean the galatic key? go to the galatic warehouse.

How do you get the HM fly on Pokemon diamond?

At Team Galatic's Warehouse in Veilstone City hope i hepled you .

Where do you get the key for the team galactic wear house in Pokemon diamond?

The Team Galatic warehouse key can be obtained (after you've seen the confrontation at Lake Acuity) from the Galatic Member outside of the Veilstone base, just talk to him and he drops it. Looker will take it to the warehouse entrance.

Where is the key to get int team galatics warehouse?

In Veilstone City, to the right if you go all the way there is the Team Galatic headquarters. Go in there and fight your way through and get all of the pokeballs, eventually you will get the key to the warehouse.

Where is the team Galactic key in diamond and pearl for the warehouse?

talk to the guy outside of the galatic base he will drop the key on mustake

On Pokemon platinum where do you get the key to the galatic warehouse in veilstone?

Looker will meet you at the warehouse and he will have the key.

Where is galatic warehouse in galatic base?

It is not in the Galactic Base, it is on the other side of Veilstone City after you walk out of the forest and walk straight.

Where is the first galatic key?

the first galactic key is in the galactic warehouse

Where do you get fly in platinum?

go to the galatic warehouse after defeating the 4th gym leader

Where do you find the galatic key in Pokemon platinum version?

It is the warehouse in veilstone city.

Where do you get the Galactic Key on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to go into the warehouse and beat everyone there to get the galatic key