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There is no code. You have to go to Veilstone City and beat Team Galactic and the Gym leader. After that go to an opening in the left where you battled Team Galactic (Team Galatic Warehouse) and you will find the HM Fly.

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Q: What is the code for fly anywhere on the map for Pokemon platinum?
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Action replay code Pokemon platinum fly anywhere?

there is not one you can always just unlock it when you go there?!

Is there Action replay code fly to anywhere on Pokemon pearl?

the code for shiny Pokemon

Pokemon platinum fly anywhere cheat?

there is none buckaroo. tough nuts.

What is the action replay code for all places in fly Pokemon platinum?


What is the fly anywhere code for Pokemon Diamond Pearl?

The Fly anywhere code for Pokemon d/p allows you to fly anywhere in the map not matter the place...shiny code12068AC6 000046C0 then go into grass battle Pokemon that's shinyFly anywhere code for Japaneese version only94000130 fcff0000 b21c6588 00000000b0000004 00000000100014a4 0000019b10002866 000000741000286a 000003761000286e 00000001d2000000 00000000Keep in mind that it is Japaneese version only.

What is the fly anywhere code for platinum?

buy an action replay ds and put platinum in and there should be a code to fly anywhere. there are a lot of better cheats, like the ultimate charizard cheat. so yeah. it's my first answer on wiki-answers so i hope it's good

What is the action replay code to fly anywhere for Pokemon diamond English version?


What is the fly anywhere code for Pokemon emerald?

Gameshark Code [M] Must Be On 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1 Access Fly Map [A+Sel] AE44960EADD6 70C560A026F8 AE44960EADD6 70A4A310E655 Fly Anywhere on Map 49C6BF4EE2DB D9449F0766D1

What is the cheat code for fly anywhere in Pokemon heart gold?

There ISNT, idiot. its a gym badge.

How do you teach a Psyduck Fly in Pokemon Platinum?

It can't fly

Can you teach fly to sizzor in pokemon platinum?


How to get fly on Pokemon platinum?

In The Galactic Warehouse.