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First there should be a galactic grunt outside the headquarters. Talk to him to get the key to the warehouse. Go to the warehouse which is also in veilstone city. In the warehouse you should find the key to the headquarters.

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Q: Where is the key for the galatic headquarters in veilstone cty?
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Where is the Galatic Headquaters key?

in the warehouse in veilstone city by galactic headquarters Hav Fun =>

On Pokemon platinum where do you get the key to the galatic warehouse in veilstone?

Looker will meet you at the warehouse and he will have the key.

Where is the key to get int team galatics warehouse?

In Veilstone City, to the right if you go all the way there is the Team Galatic headquarters. Go in there and fight your way through and get all of the pokeballs, eventually you will get the key to the warehouse.

Where do you find the galatic key in Pokemon platinum version?

It is the warehouse in veilstone city.

How do you get inside team galactic headquarters?

you have to find barry in the lake by snowpoint city save him, then go to veilstone in front of team galatic HQ. talk to the guy standing there and he"ll give you the key

How do you get the storage key?

you get it in veilstone city some galatic guy in front of the sattelite will drop a pokeball

Where is the galatic warehouse key on Pokemon platinum?

The Storage Key opens the Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City. It is dropped by a Galactic Grunt in Veilstone City after you beat Jupiter at lake Acuity.

Were do you get the galatic team headquarters key on Pokemon pearl ds?

In the galactic warehouse.

How do you get the card key for galatic headquarters?

Search inside the smaller house of team galactic

What do you do after you get to lake acuity in Pokemon diamond?

You have to go to Veilstone City to the headquarters of Team Galactic. and the man before the headquarters has the Storage Key. with this key you have to go to the Warehouse (at the top on the left side), also in Veilstone City.

How do you get the galactic key for the galactic warhouse?

Go to the galatic grunt by the building in veilstone city with the antennas talk to the grunt outside and hell run away leaving a pokeball item.Pick it up and use the key for the warehouse go deep inside and battle the galatic grunts until you find all the pokeball items youll find the galatic key .

Where do you get the key for the team galactic wear house in Pokemon diamond?

The Team Galatic warehouse key can be obtained (after you've seen the confrontation at Lake Acuity) from the Galatic Member outside of the Veilstone base, just talk to him and he drops it. Looker will take it to the warehouse entrance.