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First, you have to be in soda seas. Then once you have gained enough soda barrels to put in the net, you go down to the very bottom and go to the right. Then, you have to get past the big fish. Wait until he goes into the other side then you start going. It might a little bit on that part but it will be ok. Then you go down to the pile of coins but don't take any of them. I know it sounds tempting but you will get a lot more after this. Wait until the crab finishes getting the coins. Then he will stand there and think. Soon he will pull out a blue pearl. Grab it and go back to the net. CONGRATZ FOR YOUZ! YAYZ!

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the rare treasure, the amythest is past a huge blowfish! it is the hardset one to pass. Hope that helped. Bye

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Q: Where is the rare treasure on club penguin soda seas?
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In soda seas in club penguin where is the rare treasure?

go to the third please were you get the soda the look up and guppy's thare wigle your way through AND DON'T TAKE THE COINS let the crab tack all the coins it will take a while he feels sorry and gives you the rare treasure

How do you get the worm in Club Penguin at the soda seas?

you play club penguin so your not straight enough to know

Where is the cave in soda seas on club penguin?

On the beach

How do you capture all the crabs treasure in club penguin?

play soda seas, get all the barrels and at the bottom you'll see an entrance go down to the crab get the treasure and if you do you'll be missing a piece so get that peice from his hands !!

How do you get the main treasure in soda seas on club penguin aqua grabber?

1: Grab all sodas on the level soda seas. 2: Once you grab the sodas go down into the hole and past the puffer fish and the huge puffer fish. 3: Grab the main treasure and go back up. 4: put it into the net.

In soda seas in Club Penguin where is the other rare treasure?

If you catch the fluffy fish and then feed it to the mullet you will be able to catch the mullet and then release it somewhere else then you will be able to enter the place where the mullet was. This way you will be able to find the rare treasure. But first you will have to get the worm bait. You can get that by knocking on the undersea air place a bait will fall out then you can catch the fluffy fish. it is not true. All there is down there is a big big stack of coins that you can pick up and a crab. Thats all the was.

What do you do on Club Penguin soda seas?

all you do is use the grabber thing-a-ma-bob and pick up the soda can things. once you have picked up all the sodas, the branch things will open up and lead you to the treasure.

How do you get the grand treasure on Club Penguin?

If it is on the one with the clams then you must nick all the little pearls from the little clams. If it is on soda seas then when you get to where the crab is and the pile of gold, you must let the crab take all of it and then he comes out with it and you must take it.

How do you feed the mullet on club penguin soda seas?

to catch the mullet you have to use anothe fish for bait

How do you play aqua grabber soda seas on club penguin?

you press spacebar when your over it ( the cream soda)

How do you get the rare item for soda seas on Club Penguin?

to get the rare item you need to get past the huge mullet there a two ways. there is the hard way or the complicated and hard way. so we will do the hard way. you must keep trying to swim past the mullet and then go down. you will see alot of treasure. BUT DONOT GRAB ANY. Wait until the crab takes all the treasurethen he will give you the rare tresure. but then u will have to get past the mullet again but dont worry u will eventually.

What do you do with the cream soda on club penguin in the soda seas?

You click on the barrel next to the barrel that said cream soda