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you play Club Penguin so your not straight enough to know

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Q: How do you get the worm in Club Penguin at the soda seas?
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How do you get past the mullet in aqua grabber soda seas in club penguin?

To get past the mullet in soda seas on Club Penguin, you have to get a worm. Then catch a yellow fish with the worm. Then feed the yellow fish to the mullet. You can choose to keep the mullet and put it into the net or you can set it free. If you choose to catch it you will get 1000 coins. Good Luck!

How do you get the bait on club penguin?

in a cave in soda seas level at the top there is a strange rock. Bump it with the aqua grabber and a worm will drop. :)

Where is the bait on club penguin aqua graber soda seas?

in one of the little caves on the right side. you crash the aqua grabber into the ceiling and the worm drops down.

How do you cacth the fish on club penguin?

Well you cacth fluffy the dude fish on the soda seas when you collect the last cream soda In the right up corner hit yourself at that corner and you will see the bait (Worm) then cacth it and give it to Fluffy.

How do you catch a fish with a worm in soda seas?

Make the worm look natural. Don't "thread" it!

Where is the worm on clam waters?

You can get it on soda seas,but not clam soda seasenter the mini cave were the last cream soda wasbump into the top corner of the mini caveand the worm should fall if not bump into it againthere you have it by maxeymurphy

Where is the crab in aqua grabber on club penguin?

you collect the barrels in soda seas,then ram the roof of the left cave,and a worm will fall,get the worm and get the yellow fish to eat the worm.then make the mullet eat the fish (the fish will try to make you bump into a wall and drop him) then let the mullet go then go through where the mullet was and go down then you will see the the crab.

On club penguin what do you do with the worm in the soda seas on aqua grabber?

all you do is take the worm and the Fluffy the fish dude watch for him and get in front of him and he'll take your worm. Now, you have him. next, go to where the mullet guy is with the fish he'll eat him. Next you have the mullet!!!!!!!! but hes really hard to get to the net. so i wouldn't advise you to try :P so now go behind where the mullet is and you will see a small crab now if you want the coins you have to wait till the crab gets them to his house place. butdon't worry you'll get your coins. now i think you have coins but I'm not sure i haven't played soda seas in while so i hope this really helps!! :) im glad to help!

How do you get past the mullet on soda seas?

You have 2 catch a little fish and feed it to the mullet. you also have to get a worm from the top left corner

Does Club Penguin trainer have a virus?

Yes it does i it gives you one of the worse viruses ever the trogan worm

How do you get the worm in aqua grabber soda seas?

To get the worm, take all the barrels to the net to get the whole area clean, then go all the way to the left side where the last barrel was and crash into the wall.

How do you grab fishy in aqua grabber?

you have to go to soda seas get all of the cans of soda than go to the 1 hole than hit the top of it grab the worm and let the fish grab him

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