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all you do is use the grabber thing-a-ma-bob and pick up the soda can things. once you have picked up all the sodas, the branch things will open up and lead you to the treasure.

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Q: What do you do on Club Penguin soda seas?
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Where is the cave in soda seas on club penguin?

On the beach

How do you get the worm in Club Penguin at the soda seas?

you play club penguin so your not straight enough to know

What do you do with the cream soda on club penguin in the soda seas?

You click on the barrel next to the barrel that said cream soda

How do you play aqua grabber soda seas on club penguin?

you press spacebar when your over it ( the cream soda)

How do you feed the mullet on club penguin soda seas?

to catch the mullet you have to use anothe fish for bait

How do you see the giant squid in Aqua Grabber on Club Penguin?

if u a member go to soda seas u will see it

How do you get past the mullet in aqua grabber soda seas in club penguin?

To get past the mullet in soda seas on Club Penguin, you have to get a worm. Then catch a yellow fish with the worm. Then feed the yellow fish to the mullet. You can choose to keep the mullet and put it into the net or you can set it free. If you choose to catch it you will get 1000 coins. Good Luck!

How do you win soda seas on club penguin?

You go past the giant puffer fish,and a small cave is below it.Inside,there is a small,purple gem.Carry this to the net.To earn bonus points,get the soda barrels. That is not it. You also have to collect the pearls in soda seas

How do you get the bait on club penguin?

in a cave in soda seas level at the top there is a strange rock. Bump it with the aqua grabber and a worm will drop. :)

How do you get the soda crate on Club Penguin?

In the lighthouse

How do you get water on level 2 in club penguins?

If your ship fills up with water, your ship will sink and crash causing you to lose a ... Club Penguin Cheats - Aqua Grabber Level 2, Soda Seas

Club Penguin cream soda?

Its Rockhoppers favorite drink.