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He is in Eterna City on the right of the pokemart in the tall building the old man on the left (bottom floor)

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Q: Where is the name rater on Pokemon pearl?
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Where is the Name Changer in Pokemon Pearl?

The Name Rater is in Eterna City, on the right of the PokeMart.

How do you re-name a Pokemon in pearl?

you re-name your Pokemon in Pokemon pearl by going to eterna and going the the building right above the 2nd gym. you talk to the old guy. he is called the name rater.

The name rater wont nickname your mewto on Pokemon pearl what do you do?

you have to eat a pickachu fsdfsfds gbfrbyf

How can you change your Pokémon's name in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to the name rater in one of the buidings in Eterna city. If you got the Pokemon in a trade, you cant change its name, though...

Where does the name rater located in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The name rater can be found in lavendar town.

Where can you nickname your Pokemon?

You Can Go By The Pokemon Name Rater

How can you change the name of your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Find the name rater.

Where is the rater's house in Pokemon platinum?

same place in diamond/pearl, in Jubilife City

Were is name rater in Pokemon white?

The name rater is in the building on the left in the northern part of Castelia City.

Where is the name rater in Pokemon Emerald?

The name rater is in slateport above the trainers fan club. Good Luck!

How do you rename Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

You can rename pokemon when you first obtain them or ask the Name Rater to change it. The Name Rater is in Lavendar Town he's in a house below the Pokemon Center. Bring the pokemon you want to rename to the Name Rater then he will let you rename it. Keep in mind pokemon obtained through trade cannot be renamed.

If you trade Pokemon on pearl and get one with a stupid nick-name how do you change it if the name rater wont?

I dont think you can but there might be a way with action replay or R4.Sorry if I did not help!!----