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if you mean the place where you catch kyogre and rayquaza, route 47 after receiving kanto starter showing it to mr Pokemon and getting the blue orb

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Q: Where is the hidden tower on Pokemon Heart Gold?
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Where do you find Kyogre in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Sorry you have to trade or get heart gold in the hidden tower

Can you send you Pokemon tower defense Pokemon to Pokemon heart gold?


Pokemon heart gold where is the lottery in goldenrod city?

in the radio tower

Where will Ho-oh be in bell tower?

in Pokemon heart gold once you get necessary items.

What floor in the radio tower are the shutters on and who do you battle to get to them in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You battle your mom

How do you get past burned tower in Pokemon heart gold?

you jump on the tower press A then double jump backwards then fall into the glich where you will get past the tower

Where is johto's radio tower located in Pokemon heart gold?

Johto's radio tower is in Goldenrod City, at the Northwest end.

Where is Sprout Tower located in Pokemon Heart Gold?

It's near the top in Violet city

In pokemon heart gold where is the radio tower in Kanto?

It is in lavender town :P

How do you get to the radio tower in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You go to lavender town for Kanto and Goldenrod for Johto

Where is the burned tower in Pokemon?

The Burned Tower is not in Pokémon Emerald. It is found in the Generation II games (Gold, Silver, and Crystal) and their remakes (Heart Gold and Soul Silver).

Where should you use the rare candy bar in Pokemon heart gold?

in the hidden city Howard farm