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Celadon city, in the game room.

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Q: Where is the guy who tells you what type your hidden power would be in Pokemon heart gold?
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Where is the lady that tells you what hidden power your Pokemon will learn in soulsilver?

Celadon Game Corner.

Where to find the person who tells you your hidden power in Pokemon white?

talk to guy in the pokemon center on mistralton city

Where is the guy that tells you what type your hidden power is in Pokemon platinum?

You can find this man in the place where you trade coins for prizes.

Where is the guy who tells you what your Pokémon's hidden power is in HeartGold?

Celadon city, Game corner prize house.

How do you get the rainbow wing if you have Pokemon soulsiver?

The same place as gold heart. In the back of a secret cave your mom tells you about.

Where is the guy that tells you what type your secret power is in Pokemon platinum?

hes not in platinum:( try ruby

Can you find a razor claw at victory road in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Yes if you get the guide book it tells you were all the items are.

How do you unlock pokeathlon dome?

On Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold, you have to defeat the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, Whitney, and then she tells you that the construction for the Pokeathlon Dome is complete.

How can you tell if a Pokemon likes you in heart gold?

in goldenrod city, a house between the flowershop and the bike shop. there is a house with a girl who tells you.

Who stoled from the power plant in heart gold Pokemon version?

I have soul silver but i think its praticly the same go to the cerulian gym you find a team rocket guy you follow him to the gold brige battle him and he tells you where it is if that doesnt work im sorryz

What are the release dates for My Heart Tells Me - 1944?

My Heart Tells Me - 1944 was released on: USA: 1944

What level does piloswine learn ancientpower?

Make sure you have a Heart Scale. Go to the move relearner and when he tells you which Pokemon to choose choose piloswine. Then Select Ancientpower.