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On Cinnabar Island (now destroyed), You must obtain the 15 badges and go see him, he will say some crap about your worth then tell you to meet him at the gym, the trainers may have normal types but he is a all-around leader, Just like rivals, he uses 1 of each type.

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Q: Where is the gym leader from Viridian city in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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Where is the sixteenth gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

in viridian city

Were is the gym leader of viridian Gym in Pokemon soul silver?

He is on Cinnabarr Island.

What town is the 16th gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

Viridian city

Where is the last gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

The last gym is in viridian city

How do you get to 16 badege in Pokemon soul silver?

Defeat the viridian city gym leader Blue.

What city is the last gym leader at in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Blackthorn if you are including Kanto its Viridian Pokegamer01

When do you fight blue in Pokemon soul silver?

Blue is the Viridian City Gym Leader (Badge #16)

Where is the gym leader for viridian city in Pokemon soul silver?

on cinnibar island beat the 7th gym 1st tho

Where is viridian forest in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Just north of Viridian City in Kanto

How do you get pikahcu Pokemon in soul silver?

you have to find it in viridian forest

Where do you battle blue in soul silver?

He is the gym leader Viridian city

Were is pallet town in Pokemon soul silver?

south of viridian city