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seafoam islands

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Q: Pokemon soul silver Were is the gym leader before blue?
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Where is the 16th gym leader on Pokemon soul silver?

the 16th gym leader is:Trainer Blue

Who is the hardest gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

Blue, the last gym leader in kanto region

When do you fight blue in Pokemon soul silver?

Blue is the Viridian City Gym Leader (Badge #16)

How do you get to 16 badege in Pokemon soul silver?

Defeat the viridian city gym leader Blue.

Where to face blue and red on Pokemon HeartGold?

Red is at the top of Mt. Silver. Blue is the Viridian City Gym Leader.

Where is gym leader red in pokemon soulsilver?

do you mean blue? because red's not a gym leader. but red is on top of mount silver

Is lavatar available in Pokemon soul silver?

yes, but first you have to beat blue (16th gym leader) and then you can find him in mt. silver cave

How do you beat blue in Pokemon?

Blue is the 16th gym leader in Pokemon Gold, Silver, HeartGold and SoulSilver versions. In Gold and Silver his team consists of Pidgeot; Alakazam; Rhydon; Gyarados; Exeggutor and Arcanine. In HeartGold and SoulSilver he uses the same Pokemon with slightly higher levels.

What Pokemon type is gym leader Blue in soul silver?

Blue uses all different types of Pokémon, so he doesn't really have a type given to him.

WHO is the gym leader viridian in silver?


Can you trade Pokemon from silver to blue vesion?

Yes you can trade Pokemon from Pokemon silver to Pokemon blue. The only restrictions on this is that you can not trade any of the new Pokemon that are introduced in the newer game (Pokemon with the number 151 and up can not be traded to Pokemon blue).

Where is viridian citys gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

Blue is in Cinnabar Island. But to be able o fight him, you have to find Blaine, the gym leader. He is in the Seafoam Islands. Beat him and then talk to Blue again. H will then return to his gym.