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He is on the route right of lake valor

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Q: Where is the guy who wants the giant remoraid?
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What do you get for the giant remoraid?

There isn't a giant remoraid. It is just a regular remoraid.

Where can you catch a giant remoraid in Pokemon pearl?

It is sort of wierd, but there is no such thing as a giant remoraid. You need to catch a bunch of them and then you need to go to the guy that wants you to bring him them with a full party of remoraids. Then, talk to him over and over again, while changing the remoraid thet is in the front of your party each time, and you mighthave a huge one for him. No need to thank me [:-)

Where is a remirod in Pokemon platinum?

in sunyshore city in font of the fishers house who wants a remoraid

Were is the man who wants a remaraid in Pokemon platinum?

If you mean the man that says he had a dream that someone would bring him a Remoraid, then he's by the sea on the road to go to Sunyshore City in one of the little houses by the guy who has lots of Pikachus.

What type is remoraid?

Remoraid is a water type Pokemon

Does Remoraid evolve?

yes, remoraid evolves into octillery

When does remoraid evolve?

remoraid evolves at level 25

What is a remoraid in Pokemon diamond?

Remoraid is a pokemon(water type)

What does remoraid evolve in to?

Remoraid Evoles into Octillery at level 25. :)

Where Do You Get Remoraid In Pokemon LeafGreen?

there r alot of ways 2 find remoraid, but unfortonetly, i only know 1 place. and that place is outside selphys house. the girl u find in that cave on island 5 and her butler gives u a luxury ball if u show her to Pokemon she wants. to get remoraid, go outside her house and use the super rod on the water.

How do you know when a guy wants you to kiss them?

When the guy wants to kiss you.

How does remeraid evolve?

your remoraid must be at level 25 to evolve your remoraid hint don't evolve remoraid yet first you must have remoraid in your party next put a mantyke in your party after level up your mantyke while you have remoraid in your party and your mantyke will evolve into mantine!