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I think you must be talking about the guard who checks that you have all 8 kanto gym badges when entering the indigo plateau. If you don't have them, you can't pass.

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Q: Where is the guard that wont let you pass in Pokemon Yellow?
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Beat Lt. Surge first.

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Is one but you wont get it.Only for action replay card.

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You can find it in the ice path by a guy that wont get pass

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It probobly doesn't have enough battery. Take it to GameStop to get a new battery. ------ Pokemon Yellow doesn't have an internal clock battery, Gold And Silver do. There are glitches that stop Yellow from being able to save. If you've attempted these glitches or accidentally found them, that's why.

Why wont the house in Canalave City in Pokemon Pearl open?

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you have to go back up to the lake & battle them first & then when you go back they will be gone

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wont work

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