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the entrance is underwater you have to complete the phsychic gym to learn dive and dive near sootpolis island then you will find a path that leads to a sort of underwater cave and then click dive again to go up

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Q: Where is the entrance for sootopolis city?
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How do you get to sootopolis city pokemon emerald?

You must have a pokemon with move DIVE to get into Sootopolis City... First go to Route 126 by using SURF, then DIVE into the deep parts of the sea, now go south underwater 'til you see a cave, that cave is the entrance to Sootopolis City...

What is the password to move trees in front of door in sootopolis?

To get to sootopolis you have to dive in front of the big rock because the entrance is underwater

How do you enter Sootapolis in Emerald?

Use the HM dive to go underwater and find an entrance to a cave go in and dive up to the surface you will appear in sootopolis city.

Where is the cave of Oregon l in Pokemon sapphire?

The Cave of Origin is accessible through Sootopolis City.

How do you get to sotopolis city in pokemon ruby?

ou beat the seventh gym and get the HM Dive form Steven in his house. Then you make sure you have a Pokemon that can learn Dive and teach it to them. When you do that head over to Sootopolis city and when you are on a diving spot, use Dive.Once you use Dive search around for a while until you find a cave entrance, enter it and go up, when you do you will be in Sootopolis city!

Which city is Juan in on Pokemon ruby?

Sootopolis city.

Where is cave origin?

it is in sootopolis city.

Where to go after mossdeep?

Sootopolis City.

Where is the 8th gym leader in emerald version?

He is at Sootopolis can battle him only after the sootopolis incident

Where is the cave in Sootopolis city?

The cave is in the back of Sootopolis city but there is a old man blocking the way, and I am having trouble getting the man to move.

How you get into the gym in sootopolis city?

you have to go under water and search around the sootopolis on your map follow the rocks

Where is the cave of origin in sapphire?

its in sootopolis city