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Underwater around sootopolis city and mossdeep city

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Q: Where do you get clamperl in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you evolve Clamperl in Pokemon emerald?

give it a pearl .

Are clamperl and chinchou the only underwater Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

no you can get a relicanth at the bottom of the sea

How do you get clam pearl in pokemo'n platinum?

You migrate Clamperl from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Can you find clamperl in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, Clamperl can be caught in Pokemon Emerald. You have to have a Pokemon that knows the move Dive, which can be taught through HM08 - Dive. HM08 is found in Steven's house in Mossdeep City, but only after you have beaten the city's gym leaders. Clamperl can be caught on routes 124 and 126 underwater (use Dive on the dark spots in the ocean).

When you have deepseascale what shall you do to evolve clamperl in Pokemon emerald?

Give the deepseascale to clamperl and trade and trade back and it will evolve into a huntail. Give the deepseascale to clamperl, trade and trade back and it will evolve into a huntail.

Where do you see a Huntail in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't. You have to give a Deep Sea Tooth to a Clamperl and then trade it.

How do you evolve a Clamperl in Pokemon Emerald?

Clamperl evolves by holding a DeepSeaScale or a DeepSeaTooth and then trading it to another game, a DeepSeaTooth evolves it into a Huntail and a DeepSeaScale evolves it into a Gorebyss.

What is a deepseatooth on Pokemon emerald?

A deepsea tooth is a tooth that makes clamperl evolve into huntail when the clamperl is holding it and is traded into anouther persons game. There is also a deepseascale which makes clamperl evolve into gorebyss in the same manner.

What type of Pokemon is Clamperl?

Clamperl is a Water type pokemon.

How do you evolve clampearl in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, Clamperl evolves as it's being traded while holding one of 2 items, the DeepSeaTooth or the DeepSeaScale. Clamperl will evolve into Huntail in the event of it holding the DeepSeaTooth and the DeepSeaScale will evolve it into Gorebyss.

Is there anyone you can trade clamperl with on Pokemon emerald?

Yes. But if your thinking of trading a clamperl with a deepseatooth or deepseascale then don't bother it will evolve in the hands of the owner and will not register in your pokedex. And trust me unlike Red Version they will not give the Pokemon back because its not the one they wanted.

How do you get both the deepseascale and deepseatooth in Pokemon emerald?

You have to trade the other item from a trade, but it's easier to get a friend to raise the other Clamperl evolution and trade it to you.