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It is at the resort below Lake Valor and east from Pastoria City.

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Q: Where is the double battle cafe in diamond?
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How do you kill your self in Pokemon diamond?

You attack your partner in a double battle instead of an opponent.

How do you beat the battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

you have to use three Pokemon in Single Battle two in Multi Battle four in Double Battle three in Wi-Fi Battle

How do you get in the top trainer cafe in platinum?

the cafe is located beteen pastoria and veilstone. It is a small hotel area where you can battle trainers. It is all double battles. All the trainers seem to be in the twenties and early thirties.

In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum can you get the 100 consecutive battles for the black trainer card only in single battle mode or also in multi or double battle mode?

You can get 100 consecutive battles in single and double battle modes.

When did Battle of the Diamond happen?

Battle of the Diamond happened in 1795.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what episode did Paul and Ash be double battle partner?

In "Smells Like Team Spirit!"

Can you get Pokemon from battle revolution on to diamond?

no but you can get Pokemon from diamond to battle rev.

Where is solaceon cafe in pokemon diamond?

north of solaceon town.

How do you send Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution to diamond?

you can not send from Pokemon battle reveloution to diamond but you can send from diamond to Pokemon battle reveloution

How can you get into the battle cafe in battle frontier?

beat the elite four and the other ones after them then you can get in

Where is the top trainer cafe on Pokemon dimond?

There's no Trainer Cafe on Pokemon diamond. There is only one on Pokemon Platinum.

Can you battle prof.Rowan in diamond?

You cannot battle Professor Rowan in Pokemon Diamond.