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you must have Club Penguin elite force for your DS if you do you must have internet access and download your penguin onto the game

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Q: Where is the code to unlock the command room on club penguin online?
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How do you unlock cards on Club Penguin?

To unlock cards you go to the Disney store then you enter the code on unlock items online on club penguin

Where you get cards from Club Penguin?

Unlock it by clicking on unlock items online.

Where do you find the pumpkin head in club penguin?

Use This Code:PUMPKIN1 on the club penguin "unlock items online".

Where do you log on codes for club penguin?

Unlock Items Online.

What are the codes to unlock items online for club penguin?


What are codes to unlock stuff on club penguin?

If you want a code, you have to by a club penguin item, in a store that ISNT online.

Where is the unlock items online section of club penguin?

When it asks you to select a server click unlock items online.

What is the club penguin unlock items online Code to get Shadow Guy's costume?

unlock it i have book

How do you get codes for unlock items online in Club Penguin?

You have to buy the CLUB PENGUIN books or the Steffie's.Rockingirl60yep i will help you get the codes you can get them with teddies or You have to buy the CLUB PENGUIN books or the Steffie's.

In Club Penguin how do you get a code?

u buy something that's says unlock items online then go to press the thing that says unlock items online then choose i got a code or press i got a book

Where do you get ghost costume in club penguin?

you get it on unlock items online and the code is FANTASA

Where do you enter code cards?

On the UNLOCK ITEMS ONLINE section of Club Penguin.