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I think you should go to game stop and buy it used.

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Q: Where is the cheapest place to buy littlest pet shop wii?
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Where can you buy Littlest Pet Shop pets for a reasonable price?

well the cheapest 2 littlest pet shop brands would come from Dollar General, or Family Dollar, you can buy a Jurnal one at Walmart for just $5.00! :D That was an exalent question. :)

Where is the cheapest place to buy cricket gear?

a shop

Can you buy Littlest Pet Shops in Thailand?

You can buy littlest pet shop in Thailand.

Where is the cheapest place you can buy JLS clothes?

On their official online shop.

How do you get the giraffe in littlest pet shop?

Buy It

How do you get littlest pet shop koala?

Buy it.

Where is the littlest pet shop for the elephant?

If you want you could send in 6 stickers that came with your Littlest Pet Shop products and stick them into your #2 Littlest Pet Shop My Collector's Journal or you could buy it. I recommend you buy it at because it is not that expensive there.

Littlest pet shop codes that do work when you type the code in?

yes but you have to buy the toy at target or some other place

Where you can find a list and picture of the littlest pet shop pets?

You can find that in every box of littlest pets you buy (:

Where to buy littlest pet shop raceabout ranch for cheap?

on eBay

What store can you buy littlest pet shop digital planner at?

The Entertainer

Where can you buy the littlest pet shop superhero cat?

you can find it at walmart