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Because everything that you buy in the toys stuff is really small and hence the term "Littlest Pet Shop".

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Q: How do you make a littlest pet shop two story house?
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How do you make a littlest pet shop online?

You have to sign in.

How do you make a littlest pet shop bunk bed?


How do you make a good littlest pet shop town?


On littlest pet shop do the pets have a house to live in?

On yes there is a house cuz what fun would it be without a house?

Did they make a littlest pet shop friends for PS2?

No it is for Nintendo DS

Do people really make littlest pet shop videos?

yes people do make littlest pet shop videos, people like me yes me. Most of them are on youtube just search L.P.S. and there is a lot.

What is the target audience for littlest pet shop?

The target audience for Littlest Pet Shop are young children. These children play with these Littlest Pet Shop toys.

How do you get to littlest pet shop?

You have to get a littlest pet shop toy and get a password off of that toy

Which is the best littlest pet shop game?

the littlest pet shop wii game of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is LPS Called Littlest Pet Shop?

because it is short for Littlest Pet Shop, i think

How do you sign up for littlest pet shop make a pet and play?

You need to first buy a stuffed animal littlest pet shop plushie that comes with a code you can find them at target

What is the first littlest pet shop?

If you mean the first Littlest Pet Shop pet made, the answer is the tan Chihuahua, pet #1.