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because it is short for Littlest Pet Shop, i think

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Q: Why is LPS Called Littlest Pet Shop?
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What kind of lps should you play?

There's two Littlest pet shop games on the internet.The two LPS games are is... LPSO ( LIttlest Pet Shop Online ) LPS vip

Who is the editor of the littlest pet shop?

Do you mean the makers of Littlest Pet Shop? LPS was created by the Hasbro toy company.

Some codes from lps's littlest pet shop?

it is really 64gg56 that is mine

Where and when were littlest pet shop invented?

LPS were invented in the early 1990's

How do you make littlest pet shop videos?

get a camera or video camera and take a video of your lps.

Who invented littlest pet shop?

hasbro and kenner in 1977

How many lps have they made so far?

More than 5,000 littlest pet shop!

When was the littlest Pet shop created?

sometime around 1990. they looked different then but still called lps. i have a few like them from my older sissters.

What company makes Littlest Pet Shops?

Hasbro is the company that made lps because if you go on monkeybartv whitch is made by hasbro there are littlest pet shop stuff

What are the littlest pet shop passwords?

the password for littlest pets is: lpstru it gets u a giraffe as a pet ist for free

When is LPS Littlest Pet Shop Popular Sophiegarret or Sophiegtv episode 17 coming out?

its all ready out!

How do you open your littlest pet shop tag?

To open your LPS tag you have to cut around the tag with your scissors.