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the room with the many fans and use the Lens of Truth to

position yourself effectively. Position yourself in front of the secret area

and equip the Hover Boots. Run with the fan as it blows you over and

then go in the next room. In this room, kill the Gibdos and then use a Bomb

on top of the pile of dirt just near the entrance. Once it has been blown up,

turn on the Lens of Truth to see the treasure chest where the dirt was. Open

the chest for a small key.

In the next room, push and pull the big block onto the gold symbol so you can

reach the ladder. Go onto the ship, but don't set sail yet. Use your Longshot

to get the Gold Skulltula in the little fenced in area. You can use Pierre

here if you want to get onto the platform itself. Once you are ready, play

Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol on the ship to make it sail. You will

fight Stalfos along the way, but should not be a problem. When the ship

reaches its end, Navi will warn you to jump ship, which you should do, onto

the nearby platform. Enter the nearby door.

In this room, you can only see the walls between the columns if you turn on

the Lens of Truth, don't bother the Floor Masters unless you really want to.

Enter through the north door first. In this room, wooden walls with spikes

start closing in. What do you do? Din's Fire that's what. Make sure to grab

the boss key in this room. Now, go back to the invisible maze room and go

through the south door.

In this room, use the Lens of Truth to see the invisible Floor Master. Kill

him and his spawn to get a Small Key. Now, go back to the invisible maze room

and go through the west door.

This room is like the Burning Skull room, except three times the fun. You can

blow them all up to get some Rupees, but I want you to come here to get the

Gold Skulltula that is behind the 3 Burning Skulls on the wall. Now, go back

through the invisible maze room back into the area where you landed on from

the ship. Look on the other side of the pit, you will see some Bomb Plants.

Use an arrow on one of the Bomb Plants and all will explode which will send

down the Bird Statue. Cross using the Bird Statue and go through the door.

In this room, use your Hover Boots to go from platform to platform until you

reach the northern most platform. Use your Lens of Truth on the door there so

you can see that it needs a Boss Key. Pass through the door into the small

room which only has a pit. Jump through the pit to begin your boss battle. good job at explaining. i couldn't have explained it better my self. ~Dark Link 2.0~

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Q: Where is the boss key for the shadow temple in Zelda oot?
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What to do to open the door to the fire temple in Zelda?

you have to blow to enter and for boss you have to get boss key

Do you use the ghost key for the ice temple boss Zelda phantom hourglass?

no u use a boss key

Where is the boss key for the underwater temple in Zelda twilight princess?

in the main room

Where is the boss in the forest temple temple on Zelda?

after you save all the monkeys, they'll form a chain now jump to them and swing to the other side.make sure you have the boss key.

On Zelda how do you get the boss key in the b1 in the goron temple?

In certain parts of the dungoen there will be rooms with goron elders inside, talk to them and they will give you boss key shards. talk to all three elders to complete the boss key

How do you get around the hands in the Forest Temple on Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

you got to hit them with your sword and dont let them take the boss key

How do you find the boss templein the lakebed temple Zelda twilight?

If you want to find the BOSS for the Lakebed Temple on Twilight Princess, you have to get the BIG KEY and then go to the room with the giant swiveling staircase, and just jump into the water. The BOSS DOOR is level with the water surface under the swiveling staircase. This BOSS is the coolest one so far. -Caveman1593

How do you get the boss key in the graveyard temple Zelda ocarina of time?

I believe it's in the room near the end of the temple with the redeads. Din's fire is the best way to get it. All you must do is burn down the walls that close in on you approach the blue studded chest, and open it for the key.

In Zelda where in the lake bed temple is the toad mini boss?

well the toad mini boss is were you use the ice arrows to make a plat form in the room were you got your first key and melt the ice with fire arrows that's it

How do you get the boss key on legen of Zelda?

The boss key can be acquired in several different ways but usually you will acquire it in a chest. If not this method then you usually must defeat a mini boss.

In Zelda twilght princess how do you get to the last boss in the water temple?

first before i tell u u need boss key. in the middle room were there is the moving stairs and st uff just jump down below in the middle of the area and ull find boss door there.

Where to find the water level switch in the sea bed temple legend of Zelda twilight princess?

There is no switch except for two levers you pull down on either side of the temple, all the way to the left and right, and all the way up. Once you have pulled both of them and you have the boss key, you can face the boss.